Monday, January 9, 2012

Little Things make the world go round!

Sometimes I wonder in a age of technology and immediate gratification if we have forgotten all the little things that make the world a better place, a magical place, a place of wonder and growth? I realized this when I had children and began looking at things from their perspective . All things I had taken for granted became new again rain, frost, butterflies,cooking,little gestures to say I love you!!I realized it is the little things that make up our life and we should pay more attention to them instead of focusing on the next holiday, next big purchase or even the next vacation, while these things are wonderful they only make up a small portion of our life. In my blog I will be posting about my little ones and our little moments that make our life special, I hope you will enjoy it =)

P.S. My boys have begun learning to cook so we are gonna try to do a weekly recipe =)

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